Microsoft Connected Cache Stats From IIS Logs

Recently we have had some issues with Windows Update network utilisation, to tackle this we have enabled Microsoft Connected Cache on some of our System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) distribution points. This is a new feature available with System Center Current Branch 1906+ technology that provides a dedicated local server.

Microsoft have some great documentation on implementing this here:

You can see quite easily from the cache folder created by Connected Cache how much data cached, however it’s not so easy to see:

  • How much data clients are downloading from the cache server.
  • Which network locations are they downloading from, want to know it’s being downloaded from the expected network locations.

I’ve noticed SCCM can be a bit sluggish updating the Delivery Optimisation registry key, so there is some concern that users moving between networks. It writes these settings here:

Note: Useful for debugging, when connected cache is enabled a value named “DOCacheHost” is created here for clients in the relevant boundary group which holds the Connected Cache (Distribution Point) server name.

To tackle this I have have written a PowerShell script that parses IIS log data downloaded from a connected cache server. Clients connecting have the User Agent string “Microsoft-Delivery-Optimization/10.0”. This tells me how much data has been transferred and which subsets and IP address have downloaded content.

Download from or code below:

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